A downloadable Story-based for Windows

This game was made exclusively for IGMC2018. The story starts with Jordan, a guild leader from a game, who finds himself in trouble. Everything starts to turn for the better when he meets one of his guild mates. Follow the story and find out more about Jordan and his guild, including the game they played.

Thanks to KendallFire for making the cover art for me! I greatly appreciate it!


This game is only a DEMO. If you liked it and want more of the story in the future, please leave a review about the game on the main discussion thread. I also suggest you vote for it in the IGMC 2018. Thanks a lot!

Updates will be made once I get to making a new RPGMaker Game.

This game was made as realistically as I possibly can, so you can't expect that much music. I mean, you don't have any background music playing while you walk, right?

I thought so. 

The battles also don't have any music. Just sound effects.

That's pretty much it!

Have fun playing the game!

The downloads include a drawing of an Astral Cupcake and a picture of a young Golden Retriever.

Install instructions

This game was made with RPG Maker MV. If you have had experience with RPG Maker before, you won't have problems opening it (Hopefully). I created this on a Windows 7 laptop, so I think it would work on later versions.

For those who are new to RPG Maker, be free to search about it. It's a good game engine to start making and playing games. I reccommend it.


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